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Courses and Learning in McleodGanj, Dharamsala - Kangra Valley

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Tushita Meditation Centre

Tushita Meditation Centre is a centre for the study and practice of Buddhism from the Tibetan Mahayana tradition.aims to provide a friendly and conducive environment for people of all nationalities and backgrounds to learn about and put into practice the teachings of the Buddha. Tushita Meditation Centre is affiliated with the FPMT - the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition. With this in mind we organize regular introductory courses on Buddhist philosophy and meditation, as well as intermediate level courses and group retreats for experienced students. We also have retreat rooms/huts for experienced meditators to do individual retreats. Only people who are attending one of our courses/group retreats or doing a strict personal retreat can stay at Tushita.Tushita was established in 1972 by Lama Thubten Yeshe, a highly qualified teacher in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Since Lama Yeshe's passing away in 1984, his main student Lama Zopa Rinpoche has been the spiritual director of Tushita and the FPMT (Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition).

Tushita Meditation Centre, McLeod Ganj, Dharmsala, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh 176219, India

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Our office hours are Monday to Saturday 9:30am to 4:00pm,
you can also call us: +91-1892-221866
Website :

Himachal Vipassana Centre

The Vipassna center has a specific schedule of courses, so it is best to make arrangements ahead of time. The course will teach you the vipassana technique as taught by Goenka. You have to be in complete silence, and you are provided 2 meals and very light dinner. The course is free, you can leave a donation if you please.

Himachal Vipassana Centre - Dhamma Sikhara
MacLeodganj; Dharamsala 176 219
Dist. Kangra; Himachal Pradesh

Phone: [91](1892)221-309 & [91](1892)221-368;


Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA)
The Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) is the premiere exile institute entrusted with the responsibility of preserving and promoting Tibet’s unique tradition of performing arts. The Communist Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1959 forced His Holiness the Dalai Lama and some 80,000 Tibetans to flee india. After the occupation, the Chinese authorities attacked every aspect of Tibetan culture and civilization.
On His arrival in India, His Holiness the Dalai Lama felt the need to take immediate steps to preserve the traditional performing arts before it was lost forever. Thus, TIPA was established in August 1959, four months after His arrival in India.
TIPA is a vibrant and creative institute, based in Dharamsala, north India. The institute has 112 members, including artistes, instructors, administrative staff and craftsmen, all of whom live on the institute’s premises. The members work with a clear sense of direction towards the preservation of our ancient culture.
Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts,
P.O. Mcleod Ganj Distt - Kangra,
Dharamsala 176219 (H.P.),
Phone +91-1892-221478 / 220587 / 220710
Fax +91-1892-221033

Buddha Hall - Reiki with Usha
Reiki with Usha - Usha a grandmaster reiki teacher who runs courses in reiki (I,II,III and Master) as well as tarot and crystal healing from Buddha hall in Bhagsu, (Opposite the German Bakery). She is a very flexible and compassionate teacher. Buddha Hall offers opportunity for the community of divine belief to participate in practice, develop and celebrates creative activities. It plays a positive role in helping to strengthen, develop and expand the quality and range of stress releasing and achieving mental and physical relief.
The centre was established in the year 1996. The basic vision behind the establishment of this centre was to provide the glimpse of art, music, ethnicity and originality of Indian culture through various programs and efforts including courses and programs in Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and Crystal Healing. Courses and programs are conducted through out the year in various aspects such as yoga, meditation, Reiki, crystal healing, reflexology, concert of Indian classical music, dance classes, painting workshops.

Buddha Hall
Upper Dharamsala, District: Kangra
Himachal Pradesh - 176219, INDIA
Ph.:+91-1892-221171, 220028, 220496

Osho Nisarga
Nestled amidst lush green nature, singing streams, Osho Nisarga -meditation center built near Dharamsala, with a scenic backdrop of the majestic Dhauladhar mountain range of the Himalayas. Ecological in concept and design, and already functioning as a new model of Osho's holistic vision of life, Osho Nisarga is being established as a true 21-century oasis. In response to a growing demand from seekers from all over the world, it is being developed independently as a non-profit center and is built on a solid foundation of many years of experience in international commune management.It lies at 1100 m, bordered by pine forests, orchards and farmland; it spreads over about 6 and a half acres which are being landscaped to harmonize with the natural features of the land -trees, huge black boulders.Offers Silent Meditation retreats and Osho meditative therapies.
Osho Nisarga
Village: Shilla, Post Office: Pantehar, District: Kangra
Dharamsala, HP - 176057, India

Tel:+ 91 - 1892- 275592, 275730
Mobile: +91-9418037370, 9418037373
Call timings for bookings: 9.30 AM to 5 PM Only
Visiting hours: 10 AM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 5 PM (With prior appointment only).


Thangde Gatsal Thangka Painting Studio

Thangde Gatsal Studio is located in the Himalayas of Northern India at Dharamsala, the home of the Dalai Lama and the center of the Tibetan culture in exile. The mission of the Thangde Gatsal (the harmonious garden of thangka painters) Art Studio and School is to continue the traditional teaching of thangka painting by training a new generation of painters. It strives to bring greater awareness and understanding of this art form to people around the world. "Thangde Gatsal" means harmonious garden of thangka painters, and is a working studio. Thangde Gatsal provides a space where students can learn the many techniques required of a thangka painter without distraction. At present, the students are housed in various rented accommodations near the studio. Their food, accommodation and pocket money are provided through sponsor funds so that they can dedicate themselves fully to their studies. Construction has been started on student accommodations, which will allow students to live together in a collaborative and peaceful environment on-site.
The school is open to students from all backgrounds (women are especially encouraged to join), but most students are young Tibetan refugees. The training provided at Thangde Gatsal allows these young Tibetans to contribute to the preservation of their own culture, and gives them a valuable skill in a community where unemployment is high.

Thangde Gatsal Thangka Painting Studio
Village Kandi, Khanyara, 176218
Dharamsala, Dist-Kangra, H.P., India
 Phone: 01892-246930, 246931, 246932.
Mobile: 9816139279, 9418655401.

Kangra Paintings
Kangra Arts Promotion Society (KAPS) is an NGO working for the revival of the art of Kangra painting, which now is on the verge of extinction. The objective of the KAPS is to ensure that the rich tradition of the Kangra School of Indian painting is preserved and is passed on to the future generation. KAPS aims to promote and protect the world famous art of Kangra painting in such a manner that this great art is restored to its original splendour and state of glory. It will be endeavour of the KAPS to provide to the art connoisseurs the masterpieces of Kangra paintings at a reasonable price. B.K. Agarwal
President Phone: +91-0177 2625117,

Dr. Karam Singh
Secretary Phone: +91-94184 70345

Chinmaya Mission's - Sidhbari
Vedanta Courses , Sandeepany Himalayas (HIM)

Sandeepany in the Himalayas was named by Swami Chinmayananda as 'Sandeepany HIM.' Situated and administered by Chinmaya Tapovan Trust in Sidhabari, Himachal Pradesh, this is the second of Chinmaya Mission's Vedantic institutes in India.Learning and spiritual training academy the Sandeepany HIM Vedanta course thus trains students to serve Mission centres in Hindi-speaking areas. Swami Tejomayananda (then Brahmachari Vivek Chaitanya) was the Acharya of Sandeepany HIM's first Vedanta course, which was inaugurated in April 1981.
R S Kalra
Chinmaya Tapovan Trust
Sandeepany HIM
Sidhbari 176 057
Himachal Pradesh, India
Ph: +91-1892-234324
Fax: +91-1892-236199

Adventure : Regional Mountaineering Centre

Regional Mountaineering Centre, Dharamsala (Kangra): It is located 70 kanals and the place is known as Swarag Ashram, situated above Mcleodganj. Its has a hostel with 100 beds capacity, kitchen, dining hall, office and stores.
Activity: Outbound Adventure Courses and Minor Mountaineering Expeditions.

Library of Tibetan Works and Archives - Buddhist Philosophy Learning
location: Gangchen Kyishong, between McLeod Ganj and Lower Dharamshala
phone: 222 467

Basunti Yoga Retreats near Pong Dam Lake
Classes are also held on the large terraced roof of the main house with its 360° panoramic view of the lake and can accommodate classes of up to 20. There is also a smaller mezzanine roof for classes of 8-10 students. Massage facilities are also available.
Near Pong Dam Lake , Kangra Valley.

Basic Buddhist Philosophy in English at College of Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarah
College for Higher Tibetan Studies,
P.O Sarah—176215, Dharamsala,
Himachal Pradesh, India.
Phone: +91 1892 204333 / 203205

(Tibetan Medical & Astrological Institute of His Holiness the Dalai Lama)
Gangchen Kyishong, Dharamsala-176215
Distt. Kangra, H.P. INDIA

Tel: 0091-1892-223113/223222/307068/307069
Fax: 0091-1892-224116
Email: /

Tibetan Universal Massage
Dhondup @ Tibetan Universal Massage
Jogiwara Road, Yellow House
(5 minute walk down from the Post Office),
McLeod Ganj, Upper Dharamsala, 176219 (H.P.)
Himachal Pradesh, India

Z Meditation Center

Offers meditation retreats for longer as well as short duration fifteen-day and even three-day retreats held in silence. Also offers online courses.
Z Meditation Centre
Village Kandi
PO Khanyara
H.P. 176219 India

Guerrilla Yoga
Offers five day yoga courses of several varieties. Private instruction also available at the studio.Also offers Yoga Trek courses. Contact - 186 tika, gamru dharamsala
e-mail :

Subbody Butoh School Himalaya
Jogiwara,Mcleod Ganj,Dharamsala‐176219

Mr Sangye's Kitchen learn how to cook traditional tibetan food, different courses every day, ranging from soups, momos and tibetan bread.
Sangye is based on the Joqibara road, further down from the post office and the pool hall. email:

Llhamo's kitchen learn how to cook traditional tibetan food, including momos from a delightful tibetan man called Llhamo. It all takes place in Llhamo's single room house right in the center of town.

Other Yoga Meditation Centres, Classes and Retreats

Rishi Yoga Centre & Ayurveda Rejuvination

Jogiwara road
Mcleodganj, Dharamshala
Post Office PIN: 176219

Siddartha Healing Center
Yoga & ayurveda center
TEACHERS: Yogi Shivam and Hari
upper Bagsu Nag
post office PIN: 176219

Asho Institute Ayurveda Healing Bhagsunag, McleodGanj

Universal Yoga Training Center

Yongling School Building,
Room No - 5, Jogibara Road, Mcleodganj,
(200mtrs down from post office on left)
Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh,
INDIA - 176219. Ph: (0) 94182 91929

The Heart of Yoga

Bhagsu, McleodGanj-Dharamsala. The Classes are located at The Tree House (Behind Trishula Cafe and just up from Login Cyber Internet) India +91805875794

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Village Dharamkot, Dharamshala
H.P. 176219

Indian Cooking Course and Learning – Teacher Nisha ( Nisha’s Indian Cooking Class)The Taste of India , Jogibara Road..McleodGanj.Dharamsala.

Tibetan Astrology Centre
location: Hotel Mount View, Jogiwara Rd

Tara Tibetan Astrological Service Centre
location: Akash Guest House, Jogiwara Rd

Yhongkow Gyal Tibetan Traditional Astrology Institute
location: next to VolunteerTibet, Jogiwara Rd

Tibetan Cooking School
location: LHA, Temple Rd

Bhimsen Indian Cooking
location: Mount View Hotel Complex, Jogiwara Rd

Yeshi’s Cooking Class
location: Below Yongling School, near Universal Yoga

Tibetan Cooking Class My Cafe Part-II
location: Gu Chu Sum, Jogiwara Road

Belly Dancing Classes
location: Bhagsu, Buddha Hall
every Sunday

Kumar School of Music
location: Kunga Guest House Bhagsu Rad

Tibetan Traditional Music Class with Tsewang Choeden
location: Kunga Guest House Bhagsu Rad

Dr. Tsomo Acupuncture & Massage Therapy
location: 2nd floor of Mount View Hotel

Saini Homeo Clinic
location: near Bus Stand, in Bhagsu

Tibetan Medicle Clinic & Massage
location: Hotel Shagri-La near bus stand Jogiwara Road

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Centre
location: Near Post Office

Dr. C.Dolma-Tibetan Medicine, Massage & Acupuncture
location: Hotel Mount View (down stairs)

Tibetan Language Class
location: LHA, Temple Rd

Hindi Classes with Sunil
location: near main pizzeria in Dharamkot

Pema Youdon: Tibetan Teacher
location: Jogiwara Rd, opposite Post Office

Yeshi’s Tibetan Class
location: Below Yongling School

Martial Arts
• Jamyang Dorjee
location: Kyirong Dhuntso
TIPA Road 1150 #47

Himalaya Herbal Massage
location: Himalaya Guest House

Traditional Thai & Ayurvedic Massage
location: Hotel Mount View, Jogiwara Rd

Gonpo Massage Centre
location: Himalaya Guest House

Siby’s Kerala Traditional School of Ayurvedic Massage
location: Bhagsu, Temple Rd

• Traditional Tibetan Universal Massage
location: Jogiwara Road

• Dharani Kerala Ayurvedic Massage Centre
location: Jogiwara Road



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